Panoramic 180° Rear View Mirror

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Do you ever get blindsided by overtaking cars? It’s the worst because you’re only a moment away fro crashing into other cars
It is unsafe to drive in a car when you do not have total control of your side and rear views.
Sadly, all existing custom car mirrors don’t give you enough view of your rear view.
Check out our XtraView Car Rear View Mirror
– It gives you a 180-degree sight of your rear view (plus side view)
– Reduces the brightness of other drivers lights
Drive Safe!

Package Includes: 

1pc x Car Wide Angle Interior Rearview Mirror



  • Radius of curvature of 300mm
  • Drive safely with your entire rear view in sight
  • Use first-class mirrors no dazzling, no double reflectins.
  • Easy to install
  • Size: Approx 30 x 7 x 2.8cm

3 reviews for Panoramic 180° Rear View Mirror

  1. Stacey Carder

    Packed well and reached in just 17 days! For the added advantage while driving, this is $18 well spent. Recommended.

  2. Deon Haller

    Got it fast. Packed only in a box, but came in intact. When hung, the review is much better. Using the side mirror when overtaking is almost not necessary with this bad boy 👌

  3. Cassidy Kramer

    Thank you, very fast delivery. in appearance all whole, not damaged. not yet installed. I think it should be cool.

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