Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Are you tired of debris, sand & dust particles piling up in unreachable areas of your car?

Are you struggling to clean your air vents, cup holders, floors, boot, and the areas under your car seat?

Check out our special car cleaning gadget – 

It cleans both dust particles and moisture out of the car INSTANTLY.

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  • Suction power: 5800 pa
  • Cleans tight spaces effectively
  • High suction force guarantees a really clean car totally free from dust and other particles.
  • Cleans liquid mess like spilled drinks and water
  • Stylish wireless car vacuum cleaner
  • Wireless power chord 
  • Connects with the car electricity outlet
  • Easy to clean!

7 reviews for Car Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Leslie Burns

    So fast, I’m very glad, the vacuum cleaner for the machine is super! So many accessories, especially a long nozzle, an eternal problem to collect debris between the seats. Many thanks to the seller!

  2. Pandora Clawson

    It came quickly, the packaging is branded, immediately you can see the quality goods. Inside the instruction, various nozzles, brushes, cord. It turned out to be very convenient in use, wireless, convenient to hold your hand and collect any garbage in the car. Powerful sucks))) 5 stars!

  3. Shepherds

    Good stuff. After charging, used it to vacuum car backseat bcos my dog left some dry skin and fur. Very effective.

  4. John Forsmark

    Really great portable vacuum. Good suction and nice sleek design.

  5. Karissa Munn

    The vacuum cleaner is very convenient to use. Thanks to being Wireless, I can use it in any corner of my car. In addition, you can not worry about charging, because I charge it in the car. I also used it to clean the keyboard, and cleaned it very well. The car will always be clear. Only problem is I’d hoped it was entirely silent, but I guess you can’t keep machines silent

  6. Alfredo

    It’s going well for now. I like it. It’s come well protected and soon. Thank you

  7. Wade

    Good, powerful portable vacuum cleaner. There are 2 suction power modes. Easy use, one-button control. You can charge both from the car cigarette lighter and from the network or external battery-included USB cable and plug into the cigarette lighter. Well removes garbage, both large and small. Large enough hole for garbage collection. Easy to clean. Compact and lightweight. I liked it very much!

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